Uncovering Arty Treasure


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One of my favourite ways to kickstart some arty motivation is to start rummaging through my bits and pieces boxes and baskets.  I have stuff stashed all over my atelier.  There are boxes of paper bits I put away thinking I’d use them sometime, baskets of ribbon and edging and more, a box of washi tape I didn’t really connect with the first time round….and so on.

Today I came across this amazing piece of thrown away paper scrap and it clicked.  I had instant ideas for it, other things to use with it, and run-a-way thoughts about how to create something beautiful with it.  My brain went to overdrive, and so another piece begins.

If you’re short on inspiration, start rummaging around in your art/studio area.  I hadn’t seen that paper in over a year and it didn’t particularly strike me at that time.  But it’s a treasure today.  I’ll post a pic of the finished page.  🙂